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Welcome to my site. Here's stuff I've made. Click on the banners to expand them.


Patent the Sun

There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?

Patent the Sun is currently my main project, a webcomic I started in college and continue to make. It's my attempt to tell a story in a sci-fi/magical universe while including themes about real life.
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The Merboy Picture

"Don't you know the story behind the merboy photo on the wall?"

My entry to the Webtoon Short Story Contest 2020. A surreal sci-fi comic with jokes when it's not scary!

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Stories from the Void

"I get it now. I get why people like this stuff so much."

Sometimes I make short comics in my free time. I post them to a series called Stories From the Void. Please check them out! In the future I'll try to host them here, separately.

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Lydia's Apology

For betrayal, we owe her an apology.

A puzzle game best categorized as point-and-click, played directly in the browser. Currently not pretty on mobile. As of now, you can get as far as unlocking the TD.

Status: Incomplete

Playtime: 5-20 min

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"I don't bow down to anyone. Especially not demons."

A fast-paced action game based on the world of Patent the Sun. On indefinite hold as I focus on the comic.

Status: Unreleased

Playtime: N/A

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Genreless tunes. Really bizarre that one of them has 75,000+ listens.

I took piano lessons when I was miniature human but sucked too much, later picked up a DAW and continued to mess around because making music was an easy way to procrastinate on doing other stuff.

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Old Stuff

I suppose even old stuff deserves a place on the internet. This stuff is all ancient, has questionable quality, and will not be updated. Stuff here does not reflect my current skill level or artistic goals.

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