Old Stuff

I suppose even old stuff deserves a place on the internet. This stuff is all ancient, has questionable quality, and will not be updated. Stuff here does not reflect my current skill level or artistic goals.

Dark: the SeriesCartoon ◦ ...Frankly not that old but a Youtube cartoon released from 2018-2019. If you take it too seriously trust me you won't get it.

Torin and LexComic ◦ A three-strip comic written by me and my friend Gamer4Life and drawn by me in 2015. It was an audition for the Second Draft OCT on Deviantart. (Read this to find out what an OCT is.)

Spider Killing MachineGame ◦ The first (and only) game I completed, written in Ruby. It's 320x240 and has a playtime of less than a minute.

Dream vs DreamGame ◦ Back in 2014 or 2015 I was a lead spriter for the community project Dream vs Dream, which was a Yume Nikki-based fighting game. I designed the Urotsuki sprite and contributed a number of animations for Urotsuki, Sabitsuki, and Madotsuki.

ArtfallGame ◦ An art-based multiplayer game similar to Spyfall. Unfortunately the server is probably permanently down, since I don't want to keep paying for AWS.

JiggleaMusic? ◦ Made by me and my homie Carmi.